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Why choose Kian Lee Seng?

Reliable and effective solutions for tentage and event logistics rental services in Singapore.

We provide tentage rental services for various uses in Singapore, including groundbreaking ceremony, school and corporate events, construction sites, staff rest areas and amongst others to ensure that your needs are met.

We also provide comprehensive rental services and solutions for both short term and long term rental and usage.

Decades of experience in tentage rental services, cooling solution services and electrical equipment installation, rental and licensing services.

Customers trust Kian Lee Seng. Clients from government bodies, event management firms, corporations, non-profit organisations, grassroots groups, construction and marine firms, entrust their event with us.

Leading chairs and tables rental services in Singapore 

We provide chairs and tables rental services for numerous events in Singapore, including graduation, school functions, corporate talks, seminar, construction site, staff rest areas, amongst others.


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